Of all his exes, Diamond Platnumz should strive to honour Hamisa Mobetto and here’s why

Diamond Platnumz has several baby mamas and exes whom he treats like they don’t exist. I can’t blame him for taking that approach and save for Zari Hassan, the rest knew who they were getting involved with given his track record.

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Hamisa Mobetto took him from Zari at a time when he had lost his patience with her and to be honest, Diamond Platnumz had moved on long before he was dumped through Instagram. But I digress.

Tanasha actually is the most culpable for the situation she finds herself in as a single mother because on top of being warned by everyone that this would happen, she had the benefit of watching to see how Zari and Hamisa had been treated. So she has no excuse.

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Yet, when everything is said and done, if there is a lady who has held down Diamond Platnumz, it is his compatriot Hamisa Mobetto. She nary has a bad word to say about Diamond instead, uplifting him at every opportunity she gets. Nothing exemplifies this better than how Diamond Platnumz’exes handled Father’s Day.

hamisa mobetto
Tanzanian socialite and vixen, Hamisa Mobetto

None of them has a reason to celebrate the man who gave them their children. Diamond Platnumz, after all, isn’t exactly daddy material. He is largely an absentee father, chiefly due to the nature of his career but even now as the world deals with the Coronavirus quarantine, he couldn’t be arsed to visit the one child he has closest to him, Hamisa Mobetto’s son.
That is why for a man who lives his entire life out in public for the world to see, we have seen no photos or videos of him spending time with Dylan.

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But given this truth, Hamisa Mobetto is the only one of Diamond’s former women who make an effort to celebrate the role he played at least in their getting children. Hamisa Mobetto took to her Instagram account to celebrate Dylan’s father. And this is actually a testament to Hamisa Mobetto’s pedigree. Zari Hassan too shared a post on her Instagram stories but that is so that it is transitory and will disappear after 24 hours.


She didn’t only celebrate Diamond Platnumz but also celebrated her other child’s father too. And this is proof of the fact that she understands that for the sake of her children, she needs to maintain a good relationship with her children’s fathers even if it means covering him in public and handling business privately.

hamisa mobetto

Because make no mistake about it, Hamisa Mobetto handles business. She even took Diamond Platnumz to court for child support. She is clearly no pushover.

And that is why Diamond Platnumz should break his mould and actually treat Hamisa Mobetto well. She is the only woman who he gave seed who is actually trying to raise balanced children -because by now, we know that children with fathers in their lives perform better than those without.

Add to this the fact that even though he can be argued to be a man ill-fitted to be a father, Hamisa Mobetto is the only one of his former women who doesn’t run to the media with that ammo trying to tarnish his image for public sympathy and other unknown benefits.
So if Mondi has any sense in his coconut, this is the one woman he will honour above all else.


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