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“Of course i f*ck*d up” Cindy admits she regrets ever dating ex boyfriend, Shaq the Yungin

April 08, 2022 at 12:23
“Of course i f*ck*d up” Cindy admits she regrets ever dating ex boyfriend, Shaq the Yungin

Sean Preezy does not have any regrets dating the same woman his former best friend, Shaq the Yungin was involved with. Actually from how he put it is that he stepped up for the lady and became the man Shaq the Yungin never managed to be; but I say give it a few more months – and see if he’ll be filling the same way.

Ex besties: Shaq the Yungin and Sean

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Away from Sean, Cindy – the hot lady giving her male friends sleepless night has also spoken about her past relationship; and get this – she says she has no idea what she was doing with Shaq the entire time they dated. Gurl, you tripping!

Anyway as seen on a new video shared by Cindy, she is seen singing and dancing along  to Black Sharif’s Kwaku the Traveller; and the interesting bit is that she couldn’t help but shout…

Exe couple: Shaq and Cindy

I knew mandem was born for this shit, of course i f*cked up Who never f*ck up hands in the air, no hands?Still i can’t believe, you know what i mean

Which of course explains how she feels now that she is broken up with NRG’s Shaq the Yungin. And in her defense – this was just another honest mistake made by a young  woman.

Bad mouthing ex?

Well – as of now I guess Shaq the Yungin will be fighting his battles against a couple that literally knows everything about him, from secrets to lifestyle and other things  fans know nothing about; and at this point I’m thing uuuhhh Shaq is outnumbered!

Shaq the Yungin with ex best friend, Sean Preezy

But Shaq on the other hand claims to be unbothered by the two love birds; and incase just you missed out on the messages he sent out to the couple – in a now deleted post, Shaq told the two to ‘keep his name off their mouths’ to which Cindy responded with the video below:




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