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Oga Obinna Is An Epitome Of A Male Bimbo

December 02, 2022 at 12:36
Oga Obinna Is An Epitome Of A Male Bimbo

Oga Obinna has been trendy for his numerous outfits while he’s at radio. The jester has been on the spotlight more often after transitioning from comedy to music and radio.

At one time, Obinna was at war with his baby mama, who accused him of allegedly mistreating her. To add salt to injury, the messiness involved their children in the mix of their shenanigans.

Obinna has three different baby mamas and four children

Oga Obinna’s Dressing Gone Too Far

After the jester landed a radio job, he came up with the idea of dressing in different manners, including dressing like a watchman, a cop, and other celebrities like Mejja, Akothee, the late E-sir, among others.

His most recent outfit, where he dressed like a chokoraa caught the attention of fans, who denigrated him heavily.

He’s obviously ruining his brand. I mean, just look at his dress code;

It’s just too much. He should go back to dressing in a simple manner.


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