Oga Obinna is right about women with tattoos and piercings

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Oga Obinna isn’t a man with whom I agree on a lot with. However, on this matter, I have to say my hat is on his side of the ring: women who have a lot of tattoos and piercings aren’t wife material and there is actually science that backs up that assumption a lot of men make.

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But before we get into that, we have to address some of the backlash he received for his sentiments. You see, while speaking on Kiss 100 during his breakfast show, he said what he said that is the reason for all this. And trust that feminists were triggered.

But the truth is, only weak men and feminists actually think that getting with a woman who has tattoos and piercings is okay. Oga Obinna was probably speaking from the visceral understanding that tattoos are a mark of rebellion and counterculture. And if it wasn’t visceral then it was ingrained in him given he is the product of a conservative society and the 8-4-4 school system.

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Either way he knows that this mark of rebellion means that any woman who has tattoos probably will not get along well with any form of authority figure. And in a marriage and family setting, the man, the husband, the father is the captain of the ship. He is the one in charge of ensuring he directs the family unit towards its manifest destiny but how would he do this efficiently if his wife is always rebelling against him?

Though I can already hear feminists arguing that this reasoning I am using is way too deep. Perhaps the lady in question only likes tattoos because they are popular and hip. This is even more of a reason not to date or marry such a bimbo. Why? Because anyone who would commit to permanent body modification or ink simply because she thinks it’s what’s popular is exhibiting poor decision-making skills and a susceptibility to be swayed by peer pressure.

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Oga Obinna knows any lady who shows this trait is the type to walk out of her marriage or vows and either cheat on or leave her husband simply because being a divorcee or a cheat is cool or hip. Who wants to commit to someone like that?

Then there are the more cerebral reasons why a woman with a multitude of tattoos isn’t an ideal wife. We can start off with the history of tattoos. For eons past, tattoos were part of warrior culture. Since the dawn of time, men would get tattoos either to signify their participation in clandestine and secret fraternities. Think of freemasons in their earlier iterations, think thieves’ guilds and sailors. On the other hand, tattoos also came with stigma because they were used to brand criminals or slaves. Naturally, it was nearly exclusive to men and criminals. Within warrior culture, it denoted kills or feats and achievements. This was something noted by Chares Darwin in his 1871 book, The Descent of Man where he also noted that there was no nation of man that did not practice tattooing or some other form of permanent body decoration.

That was that about men but I am sure not even Oga Obinna realises that with women, tattooed ladies were once carnival freaks. But what has science found about women with tattoos? Well, a study found that compared to women without tattoos, women with tattoos showed significantly lower self-esteem and the same study claimed “Psychoanalysis schools also view tattooing behavior as hinting at deliberate self-harm motives due to the impaired self-esteem”. This study in question was carried out with sixty young women with tattoos and sixty young women without (all aged 18–35 years).

Another rather revealing study which had a sample of 150 people (50 tattooed adults, 50 tattooed drug-addicted adults, and 50 non-tattooed adults) had results of the study contributing to a deeper understanding of the new meaning of tattoos. Apparently, they no longer represent personality traits, they rather have the function of reinforcing beliefs about how to perceive oneself, this happens especially in drug addicts in which the presence of tattoos reinforces the illusory belief of self-esteem and internal locus of control.

So who wants an addictive personality with low self-esteem as a wife? That is how you end up with a woman who is promiscuous and trust me, you do not want the community bicycle for a wife and so on this one I am in full agreement with Oga Obinna. Know something else that comes with being such a woman? Promiscuity and studies show that the more lovers a woman has had, the less likely she is to have a happy married life.


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