Oga Obinna needs to stop making music

For some reason unbeknownst to anyone, Oga Obinna seems hell-bent when launching his music career even though no one seems eager for more musical content from the man.

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I mean I guess we could say it’s a testament of how resilient and persevering he is but we could also argue that it’s a waste of resources. She’s a radio presenter in one of Kenya’s leading radio stations and yet not even his employer plays his music.

Oga Obinna could literally game the system by having his son’s killed to play once every hour however not even his programs controller has faith in the content he puts out.

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Another byproduct of him constantly being on the airwaves as he gets massive hype and promotion. And still this too has done nothing to boost his music so why does he keep on making it with such dogged persistence?

Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna

Imports of new content which no one is checking for so you’d be forgiven for not knowing just how many songs he has under his belt. Oga Obinna cannot boast and claimed that his music is on heavy rotation within nightclubs no candy there to show his Spotify plays.

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So if we’re being realistic the best advice to give the man would be to tell him to focus on his comedy. He’s recently-released the which has about 1,000 views on YouTube and you’d be hard-pressed any fans of his who even knows the title of the song. So why doesn’t he just focus on making lifestyle content which seems to be very popular on his channel or going back to doing comedy?

Oga Obinna

But ultimately it’s his life and his resources that he is wasting all we can do is continue to ignore his mid music. And hopefully even if it takes a decade he’ll finally get the message and focus more on his lifestyle content. I, however, will not be holding my breath in anticipation because he will probably see this as a challenge and put out an entire album next week.

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