Oga Obinna needs to take time away from the dating scene

Image: Oga Obinna

Oga Obinna has been the eye of the storm for a number of days now. All this started when he was 1st accused of being a deadbeat father by his baby mama who said he was also a neglectful husband and father to their children. As a result, he got sucked into a problem that he had no idea how to handle even though he also fed the monster.

Oga Obinna’s ex serving tea on failed relationship

And what is of interest today is the fact that he mishandled both the situation and himself during and after his furore. I am on record time and again sharing my opinion on the matter and calling him out for all the cock-ups he committed while he was dealing with his baby mama but he also failed himself and his children afterwards everything was said and done.

And the reason I am in this position is that he has not sought professional help from a counsellor or therapist. That is something that shocks me about men like Oga Obinna. They will go to a spa like a bunch of pansies but will not go seek mental health help. And as a result, he will be a walking cesspit of trauma waiting to inflict itself upon the next woman.

Between a rock and a hard place: Oga Obinna and baby mama drama

Make no mistakes about it, any woman who decides to date him will be dealing with an even more traumatised and damaged Oga Obinna. They will be dealing with an even more flawed and wounded inner child who will lash out worse. He is a man who hasn’t unlearned a lot of the coping mechanisms from his younger days that make him one of the worst possible men for any woman to date.

Oga Obinna hasn’t done the work to identify and unlearn and then retrain from the aforementioned traits. As a result, he will continue in the same patterns that led him to his obviously toxic baby mama. So we will also see him continue to collect toxic women like the stripper Sherlyne Anyango like they are pokemon cards. And he will also continue to play the victim and through tantrums when bloggers like Presenter Ali try to hold him accountable.

It is Oga Obinna baby mamas fault for their drama

The only hope we can have is that he has the common sense not to get back to dating. Really, we do not need him to get back to dating anyone. Damaged vessels spread their damage like a virus. But we all know that this clown will then move on to the next girl and think that his damage is something to laugh about.

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