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Oga Obinna on why he would never date women in their 20’s

August 03, 2022 at 10:45
Oga Obinna on why he would never date women in their 20’s

Oga Obinna is not afraid to admit he likes his women older rather than younger simply because he has been there before and knows how it feels like.

Well – I know most of y’all think it’s glamour and glitter but wait until you have a young girlfriend whose thinking is like that of a teenager. I mean, why else do you think these wababaz prefer younger girls? They’re gullible and naive enough to be swayed in any direction.

For this reason Oga Obinna says he doesn’t want to be the reason he influences somebody’s daughter the wrong way. Speaking to Kamene during their morning Kiss FM show – the father of 4 said;

I have said it a million and one times, I feel like young girls are still trying to find themselves. Then if they are there with you, you are going to define their lives which I’m not about that life.

Not trying to attract Karma

Well it’s actually understandable why he doesn’t like young girls and why he fears getting on their bad side. I mean he is a father and above all has a daughter who will one day grow up – and seeing how Karma works….I guess keeping off immature ladies might just save his own blood some tears. Like they say – what goes around always comes around.

I do not want to define someone’s life, when they mirror me…. Okay this is what I mean, most girls how they end up in their 30s is the boyfriends they dated in their 20s.


I’m looking for maturity, I don’t want to start teaching you things. I want to make memories but now with a young person you have to teach them first, then start building. It is double work


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