Oga Obinna Reminisces Suicide Attempt In Bold Inspirational Post After Buying A New Car

‘Njaanuary’ is here and it’s the month where most people complain of going broke. Well, some are not feeling a flinch when it comes to financial constraints. Talented stand-up comedian and YouTuber Oga Obinna is counting his blessings after gifting himself a brand new Lexus this month. The jester couldn’t hide his exuberance as he flaunted the luxurious car to the public.

Grass To Grace

Upon purchasing the sleek ride, Obinna went ahead to encourage others through a detailed post on his IG page.

”This is an Inspirational Post.
I have suffered and I’m still suffering however my current suffering isn’t my previous suffering.
I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learnt many lessons. I’m below Alot of people and alot are below me however-PATIENCE,PLANNING,HARDWORK,PERSISTENCE,DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY have played a major ROLE.????
Don’t be afraid to experiment????
ALot of people will tell you to stay in your lane OR fall in line..You have to ask yourself WHO DEFINES THE LANE?? YOU OR THEM??
Be daring,be curious be experimental for nobody has the blueprint to live the PERFECT LIFE…”

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Suicide Is Not An Option

Obinna continued to state how his hardships almost made him to take his own life.

”It’s not easy to make it when going by the book,It will take time..alot of time. You will have pressure and be stressed or even depressed. Like me you might opt for the easier way out Suicide. DON’T DO IT- YOU will allow them to win. (I tried suicide twice when nothing was working out – I REPEAT DON’T even THINK THIS DIRECTION it will not only NOT SOLVE ANYTHING but cause alot of pain and suffering to those who LOVE YOU.)

I’ve Owned a couple of material things from Cars to Houses to Clothes to Land etc….This is what I’ve learnt, Celebrate every Win as it comes and don’t explain yourself to anybody. However there is more satisfaction in GIVING than Receiving. (Without others knowing-You posting etc)…”

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