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Oga Obinna Threatens To Sue Baby Mama For Claiming He Has A Sugar Mummy (Video)

August 25, 2022 at 16:55
Oga Obinna Threatens To Sue Baby Mama For Claiming He Has A Sugar Mummy (Video)

The perennial drama between comedian Oga Obinna and his exquisite ex-wife continues with a new twist after the comedian vowed to sue her for defamation. According to her, Obinna has been mistreating her in tandem with their two kids, who he has been dragging along whenever he goes to meet other women-including his ‘mumama’.

She recently divulged that Obinna is being provided for by an older, richer woman. In a recent interview, the baby mama revealed that one of their kids divulged the latter information while they were together;

”Dad alituambia tusikuambie tulikuwa wapi juu utagombana… Akaniambia tulikuwa kwa mama fulani. So, nilikuwa na information already kwamba kuna sponsor pale ndani… Hapo ndio nikafungua macho yangu… Nikajua tu siku moja ntawachwa pekee yangu… Wakaenda Mombasa, akanunuliwa gari yenye ako nayo saa hii”

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Obinna Hits Back

Upon seeing the epic drama, Obinna couldn’t eschew response as he got pissed and lost his cool. According to Obinna, all the information provided by the baby mama is false and just a hoax to downgrade him. The comedian has now promised to get justice on the baby mama.

Watch the full interview below;


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