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Oga Obinna’s ex serving tea on failed relationship

September 02, 2022 at 12:53
Oga Obinna’s ex serving tea on failed relationship

For some reason Sherlyne Anyango who was dating Oga Obinna a while back recently held a QnA session with fans, allowing them to ask questions theyve been hoping to get answers to and as expected…her fans didnt hold back.

Apart from asking about her marriage to mzungu husband – which we now unfortunately ended in tears, Sherlyne also responded to questions about ex Oga Obinna and from what she wrote – i bet things werent as rosey as we had been made to believe.

According to Sherlyne her ex man, Oga Obinna never treated her right which explains why she may have rushed into marrying Mzungu bae after parting ways with the comedian….wait or was it for makaratasi? Anyway responding to a fan who asked;

Was Obina treating you right? Au ni bbymama wake anacause drama mingi?

To which she wrote back saying;

If he was i would be with him anyway I won’t answer questions about him anymore. I am so happy where I am.


Yes he is immature – Sherlyne Anyango says about Obinna

Well having seen the drama between him and his baby mama – there’s one fan who asked whether Obinna has always been petty when it comes to such things and again….Sherlyene bluntly responded by say yes.

From her response, it’s evident to see that they too had some rough time behind closed doors…but then again – why reveal this now? I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?


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