Ogopa wanawake! Diamond Platnumz reveals why he will only settle down with one wife!

Diamond Platnumz has always been known to be a play boy but after his last breakup with Tanasha Donna; the Bongo singer seems to have changed his ways and now wants to settle down as somebody’s committed husband.

Yes, it sounds absurd especially coming from Diamond Platnumz whose past remains quite ugly; especially with the several East African baby mamas he has kids with!

Bongo Flava king, Diamond Platnumz

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Anyway, after breaking up with Tanasha Donna it took Diamond Platnumz 5 months before moving on with his current lady. Well, word had it that the Tz singer was dating a certain model, but this all turned out to be a lie!

Diamond Platnumz chooses monogamy

Anyway speaking during his sister’s wedding after party; Diamond Platnumz expressed his interest in settling down before 2021!

According to the Bongo singer, he will only marry one wife since he fears being bewitched by women especially now that he has enough wealth that would tempt either to kill him!

Diamond and Hamisa with son, Dylan

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Speaking about this, Simba said;

  I can’t marry many women coz they will bewitch me. When women are many, there will also be so much drama and I am busy. So my mind is set on one wife now.

Not single

As for those wondering whether Diamond Platnumz is seeing someone else; he confirmed this news by saying;

I am not single and I have a woman I want to marry. Right now I am not just looking for a fling, I want to get married

Well with the 3 baby mamas and 4 kids known kids, let’s just say that he definitely feels the pinch when it comes to his bank accounts; and for this reason will not be having any more children with baby mamas!

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