Oh boy child! Lady said to be Miracle Baby’s 10th baby mama comes out clean – says she was paid to fake pregnancy

Mugithii singer Miracle baby who was gengetone’s Sailors lead singer is currently making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Well, maybe apart from the fact that he can really write and perform good Mugithii music, his other strength is that he makes babies everywhere!

Peter Miracle baby with bae

To many women, having a man with different kids from different baby mamas would be a red flag but not for Carol Katrue. For her, boyfriend Peter Miracle baby is just doing what God asked and that is filling the earth.

Well with this word has it that 24 year old allegedly has about 10kids and according to Katrue – he takes care of all of them. However a while back a certain young girl by the name of Bree (Brenda Wambui) came out to accuse the singer of impregnating her 7 months ago.

Peter Miracle Baby

The circus and its clown

Get this. Apparently, Bree was paid Ksh 3500 to lie about the pregnancy. Yes 3500 which she says was to help her family.

3500 for a clip that will remain online for life? Wait…who is advising these girls???

Anyway speaking during recent interview, the teenager said;

Miracle baby’s alleged baby mama

It was not a lot of money but I had to take it and sell the lie because there are things I wanted to do at home.

She went on to apologize to the singer and his scary girlfriend for tarnishing their name on social media.

According to Bree the people who had paid her advised her stuff clothes underneath her clothes to appear pregnant – and she did. However sadly, the bump didn’t look so real at the time…so fans didn’t really believe the story.

Anyway now that she lied…does that mean the baby mamas have gone down to 9 or are we still counting? Just asking.

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