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Ommy Dimpoz biological dad speaks after son publicly denied knowing him

September 14, 2022 at 16:48
Ommy Dimpoz biological dad speaks after son publicly denied knowing him

Ommy Dimpoz shares quit much with his former BFF Diamond Platnumz. You see, just like Diamond Platnumz grew up with a step dad, so did he but the only difference is that Simba never got to meet his dad while growing up (since he was dead) hence step dad stepping in….but in Ommy Dimpoz’ case – his biological dad has been alive all along but he prefers his step dad.

Father and son! Diamond Platnumz and daddy

This is however not something new to those who have been following Ommy Dimpoz music journey. Well, the reason he has never been so close with his biological dad is simply because the guy was never there for him; and now that Ommy (Omari) is all grown with a successful life – his biological dad can’t keep calm.

Speaking of not keeping calm, Ommy Dimpoz biological dad a few weeks back spoke to media personality revealing he was the singer dad; however having gone to the media caught Ommy unawares hence his reaction when approached by the same media personality, Mwijaku asking about the old man….and unapologetically Ommy denied knowing the old man.

Ommy Dimpoz and biological dad, mzee Nyembo

Looking for acceptance and recognition

However speaking to one of Bongo 5’s presenter, the old man stuck to his original story saying he was Ommy Dimpoz dad and that wouldn’t change.

Asked why the singer denied him in public…he made it known that they have their own personal issues; but despite all that they still get to talk on phone once in a while not forgetting the support he receives from his son.

So why speak to the media when his son is against him? Well according to him, he feels there is no need to keep pretending his son isn’t a superstar and either way – working as a bajaji driver allows him to interact with many people – some who even end up recording without his knowledge.


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