Omosh needs to learn that not everyone helping him is doing so out of altruism

Omosh recently was revealed to be struggling financially and he was on the verge of being kicked out due to rent arrears he had accrued. He cried out for help in getting a job, not financial aid and that is why alot of Kenyans rallied to help him out.

The former Tahidi high actor, however, has become part of a media circus whose acts include aspiring politicians and celebrities and rallying to help him by donating land, money and even clearing his rent arrears on his behalf.

Omosh got alot of help when he asked for it

So what do I think about all this charity? The world isn’t filled with altruistic people. That means that he is probably servicing the agendas of alot of people. The thing that makes me think this is the fact that while I was in high school, I recall a couple of street urchin who had tied the knot with one hundred shillings.

Kenyans (read Kenyan companies) rallied around them and tried to give them a dream wedding and dream honeymoon. It was brilliant because it was the stuff of fantasies and alot of guys long for so it really inspired an “Aaaw” moment.

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh had accrued 100K in rent arrears

But where are the couple right now? they are nowhere to be seen. They have been forgotten after they served the nees of the companies that came forth to help them. That is something Omosh has to watch out for. He was given and. that is a very useful gift. He needs to research its commercial viability.

The money he was given is great for digging him out of his immediate hole but what comes next? Did anyone offer Omosh a job or some form of training? That is something that he needs to look into while the sun shines and the spotlight gods favour him.

Omosh with OJ back when they were on Tahidi High

You see, the guys who needed political mileage from Omosh’s misfortunes have probably already gotten as much as they can. They are probably milking the last dregs of proverbial milk that they want. The celebrities have done their CSR. They are done because not alot more can be done.

As for the companies that came through, I have to wonder whether they actually did give Omosh the title deed and whether that land is commercially viable or if he will be left to set up a tent on the land as building a house is actually expensive.

Whatever the case may be, Omosh is lucky. But I hope he will have the intelligence to help him get the most mileage out of this good luck that he got. I would not like to see him cry out for help once more in the next couple of months simply because he chose to ignore Law 40 of the 48 Laws of Power: Disdain the free lunch.

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