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On To The Next: Jacque Maribe Bags Herself A New Man After Dumping Jowie Irungu (Photo)

January 26, 2022 at 12:25
On To The Next: Jacque Maribe Bags Herself A New Man After Dumping Jowie Irungu (Photo)

Tv personality Jacque Maribe has left netizens startled after being spotted kissing a man identified as her close friend. Maribe, who is comedian Eric Omondi’s baby mama might have finally bagged herself a new gentleman after ditching her relationship with hunk Jowie Irungu.

She is on the limelight once again after a saga with the funnyman that almost went south a few months ago. The jester had demanded a DNA test to be done to determine whether they sired a son together. They later settled the issue amicably with Eric promising to man up and take responsibility regardless of the DNA outcome.

”Jacque alimess… For her to wake up and put it in public was very irresponsible. Hakufkiria mbele. What’s going on I’m not happy about it. I regret it. I’ve decided I’ll take care of that child officially, regardless of the outcome,” Eric stated.

Jacque Maribe, Eric Omondi with their son-Google

Maribe’s New Man

This might be the end of Maribe’s tumultuous relationship and there’s no doubt that the former Citizen TV presenter is giving love another chance. This is the conclusion after Jacque was recently spotted kissing a man identified as Ben Kariuki at Zero 19 Lounge in Nyeri Town. From the photos, it’s needless to say that Jacque is no longer holding herself back from experiencing love with him.

Jacque Maribe’s new man Ben- Photo (Courtesy)

Ben is believed to be her close friend after she posted him not long ago, on her socials.

On the flipside, a cross check on Ben’s social media depicts they normally have a good time together.


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