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Once A Deadbeat: Brown Mauzo’s Expose Should Worry Vera Sidika

September 02, 2021 at 10:43
Once A Deadbeat: Brown Mauzo's Expose Should Worry Vera Sidika

Brown Mauzo was exposed by his former wife and the mother of his firstborn child, a daughter named Lareesa of being a deadbeat and Vera Sidika really needs to take the time to take stock of her situation.

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No, really, she does need to be worried about Brown Mauzo because a man who can be that callous about his previous family has shown a pattern that could come into play with you. And perhaps this is why a lot of people accuse him of being a male gold digger.

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

But when the love is still fresh and the new relationship energy is really rife, no one wants to hear anything negative about their partner. Vera Sidika is exhibiting that very energy. She is blind to what everyone around her can see and as a result, Brown Mauzo gets to simply sweep this monumental incident under the rag.

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And while every story has three sides to it -your side, mine and the truth, never interrupt anyone who tells you what to expect from them through their actions. Because the fact that he has reportedly only sent Ksh 1,500 as upkeep for his daughter means that were Vera to hit a snag and fall on tough times, he will give her the same treatment.

Another reason she needs to be worried is for just how involved Brown Mauzo would ideally be in their own child life because as I have said earlier, a man who can turn his back on his child for no foreseeable reason is not someone you want to stake your bets on because life is no game of pitch and roll.

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Were I a confidant of Vera Sidika, I would insist that he reconcile with his daughter and try to be a part of her life. Lareesa is not the problem here and as the father, he should ideally have some rights to form a relationship with the wee one despite how things might be between him and the child’s mother.

Brown Mauzo’s estranged wife

Vera Sidika should do this for the sake of her own child. Advising Brown  Mauzo to be mature about his responsibilities also gives her a form of soft insurance he will act the same way towards their child. And it also gives her some leeway with the public should they end up splitting up. Because let’s face it, Brown isn’t the type of man who looks like he understands the concept of happily ever after.

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But what do I know? I am still trying to complete university. But clearly, no one has a monopoly on common sense.

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