One day Oga Obinna will hate you for reminding him he wore a dress

Oga Obinna has decided to rock a dress in the name of comedy. The only problem is, that is all pretension; he has worn the dress inorder to generate some publicity to himself and it will one day come back to haunt him.

This is a topic of particular interest because we can take a look at it from foreign perspectives. And African American comedians and actors have for a long time had the conversation of whether or not it is degrading to have men rock dresses for entertainment.

Previously, when I last spoke about guys like Oga Obinna wearing dresses, I said, “the trend of black actors and entertainers wearing dresses is a thing that was made not only powerful but brought to the forefront of black collective awareness by guys like Tyler Perry with his Madea bit. But make no mistakes about it, this trend goes back to the minstrel shows.

Back in 2006, the first real celebrity to question this trend was Dave Chappelle who asked why black male entertainers find themselves performing in a dress at some point in their career while he was on the Oprah Winfrey show. You name them, they have had to don a dress, from Eddie Murphy to Jammie Foxx and Eddie Murphy.

Sherlyne Anyango and Oga Obinna

Maybe this is down to guys hustling and doing anything for shits and giggles but this also for the conscious educated minds reminds them of the systemic emasculation of black men. And perhaps Oga Obinna wasn’t aware of this but at the end of the day, he has stumbled into this very politically and socially charged arena.”

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But today we aren’t going the cerebral route, we are going to look at things from a more Kenyan perspective; a simpler, more earthy take. And that means we are going to talk to Oga Obinna in a way he can understand why rocking dresses for a clown bit is a terrible idea.

For starters, it is a cheap source of laughs that we all disdain. It was funny in the 90s. What it communicates is that you’re looking for cheap jokes. That is the type of stuff people resort to when they have lost their ability to crack people up.

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Secondly, he will not always be in the position he is currently in i.e looking for clout for his stint on Kiss 100’s breakfast show. He will one day get political ambition like Jalang’o or perhaps he will decide to go into business. Whatever the case may be, he will have made things easier for his opponents to mock him.

Finally, as Andrew Kibe asked, what will he tell his sons? No man should have to tolerate the fact that their father willingly emasculad themselves for entertainment.

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