ONE ON ONE: Jimmy Gait reveals qualities his future wife must have, mtawezana? (Video)

There is a certain point you get to in your life and one of the things you start thinking about is settling down. Some will go as far as writing down the qualities they want their soulmate to possess while others will not mind how the package comes.

During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, James Ngaita, popularly known as Jimmy Gait, opened up about some of the celebrities he would not mind dating and also the qualities he is looking for in his future wife.

Jimmy Gait looking dapper

A fan asked who he would prefer dating between Tanasha Donna and Avril and his response was, “Tanasha is very beautiful and very intelligent but this is fiction…but Tanasha, yes!” The reason why he would not date Avril is because “I dont like very big, sizeable. Kubwa sana si sawa.”

Some of the aspects he considers are spiritual and physical. “If I was looking at the spiritual aspect, then I would not date Tanasha because she is Muslim.” As for Vera Sidika, he said hatawezana. Wacha akae na Brown Mauzo.

For the ladies who are eyeing the Muhadhara hitmaker, I have yet another leakage for you. You have to be an intelligent woman, not jumpy, should be quiet, sophisticated, classy, beautiful and born again.

Jimmy Gait opens up on his tough musical journey

The deal breaker for him would be if a woman is not born again. “Sana sana huyo mtu unataka kusaidia akuwe born again, atakuwa born again ndo mkuwe pamoja. Then once you are together, she goes back to what she used to do,” he stated.

The artist also gave us a history of why he broke up with one of his exes. Apparently, his ex went to his office drunk, staggering, acting funny, weird and shouting all over the place and that is when he decided to call it quits.

Ladies, I hope you took notes. Mine is to wish Jimmy Gait success as he looks for his future wife.

Watch the full interview below.

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