Only foolish women would listen to Huddah’s relationship advice

Have you noticed Huddah Monroe has been dispensing a lot of relationship advice? I don’t think she appreciates the irony in the fact that a rumoured heaux is busy telling women what is and what isn’t kosher in relationships.

Huddah breaks the internet with n*ked photo, leaving no room for imagination (Photo)

Never mind the fact that she has never truly been in a relationship that was public -because no man in his right mind would ever claim her as his. Not even claim her as his mistress.

So why is it Huddah Monroe is confident enough to give advice? Well, it all boils down to delusion. She thinks that because men would want to sleep with her and many a man has indeed sold his inheritance for the chance to woo and sleep with her, this means she is a high-value woman.

Huddah reveals annoying question – a man should never, ever ask while on a date

And so she talks down and both men and women and gives them daft advice like the time she said it was dumb for a man to ask what a woman brings to the table.

And what would she know about that? When she is in Dubai, it isn’t because she’s with her man -although she’s with men. Huddah doesn’t have much to teach women about relationships and marriages.

Huddah is right about dating rich men

If we were discussing businesses, then I would be a hater to claim she has nothing to teach. Afterall, she runs a successful cosmetics business.

The thing here to always remember when socialites and trollops like Juddah give advice is that single women keep women single. It is not in their benefit to give you great advice. And they lack the experience to teach others how to maintain their relationships.

Why is Huddah surprised Wahu and other celebrities look down on her?

When you think about it, the question is an important one. You as a woman are looking to get into a serious relationship so ofcourse a man would want to know which qualities you have that would add quality to his life. Something that he can look forward to if he were in a relationship with you. But if you listen to the vacuous Huddah, she’ll have you think that’s a daft question.

In the same vein, you too would want to know what a man brings to the table because empty hands don’t get licked. It really does go without saying that for you to be in anyone’s life in such a capacity, you must bring something in exchange. Life is give and take. That is how you get a healthy, balanced relationship.

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