Open letter to Victoria Kimani in defence of African men (including her father and Bamboo)

Image: Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani is a woman who seems to have gotten to a point in her life when she is wondering where the good (African) men are at. I think it is called the epiphany phase in dating circles have exhausted their options of men begin to lament about this.

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She took to social media to decry the existence of African men whom she accused of never helping make her feel safe and protected.

And according to her, all that African men do is exploit their women, violate and rape them or simply just abuse them physically. And apparently, like animals, we cannot help but victimize and be violent to women because it is in our DNA.

And somehow, she felt ALL African men need to be reminded that women are not mere punching bags.

Now that I have brought you up to speed of what is a clearly inebriated rant, let us address the message beyond what Ms Twitter Fingers has decided to share. You see, hers is a blanket statement that does more than eschew ignorance, it simply tells us that she has selected her mates poorly and ended up with the criminal element.

Victoria Kimani
Award-winning singer, Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani seems to be talking from an emotionally charged place where she is speaking about what she has experienced with every single African man she has dealt with but at the end of the day, as an adult, she must bear the burden of responsibility for whom she chooses to lay with. If they simply chose to view her as a semen receptacle, it is because she chose men who were only after sex and deviant sex at that. Or perhaps it was down to the fact that she has made her brand all about the allure of sex and sensuality she promises. So the men that responded to that brand are the sexual deviants.

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If Victoria Kimani has only dealt with abusers, perhaps it is down to the fact that for one reason or another, she either chose to ignore all the red flags these criminals set off or it was due to the fact that dealing with criminals excites her. Maybe in her past, she dealt with so many criminals that she is incapable of pair-bonding with normal, balanced African men. And now she is conflating cause and causality, thinking that because she is routinely attracted to violently criminal men… HYBRISTOPHILIA.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani leaves little room for imagination

Or maybe the key to understanding why Victoria Kimani chose to deal with criminals and only;y perceives African men as criminals lie in her past dealings with her father -her upbringing- or her brothers Bamboo and Kimya. Maybe we should first focus on these three men who for one reason or another, Victoria Kimani feels they failed to protect her from a criminal African man. But I do believe she was raised in diaspora by her pastor father but who knows…

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Whatever the case may be, rather than making ignorant and xenophobic statements, the solutions lies in her seeking therapy and healing from the demons of criminals that haunt her.
Perhaps the solution simply lies in her taking an introspective look at herself and understanding why she insists on dealing with criminals. And while I could point out Victoria Kimani’s feminist mantras and chants about being an independent woman capable of doing better than what men are capable of accomplishing (including protecting herself), I will not swing at the rotten low lying fruit.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani in sheer “clothing”

But whatever road she decides to pick (my money is on her continuing to perpetuate her ignorance), she needs to stop this stupid song about African men this, African men that. Her father is an African man. She needs to tell us whether he abused her. Her brothers are African men. She needs to tell us which of them is an abuser. Start by sweeping your own homestead and not that of the neighbours.

Until then, we should all do well to ignore her after reading and sharing this open letter with her that is. For aeons, African men have been demonized by foreigners, our land insulted and our ancestry mocked and devalued. We are tired of being demonized for the ways of criminals. We are good solid men, loving fathers, protective husbands but in the age of equality, no one is entitled to my protection. Especially not a poisonous woman spewing nonsense about me, a man she has never met.


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