Otile Brown found the ‘Juice’ he has been look for in this new track (Video)

Kenya’s RnB star Otile Brown has released another exciting track dubbed ‘Juice’. A love song the depicts the perfect girl for Otile Brown.

In the song he Otile is totally smitten by this girl that has captured his heart that he says she is the ‘juice’ he has been looking for.

When we talk about proper love songs Otile Brown does not miss in the list of creatives of such music. After all he is the only Kenyan RnB star that believes in consistency. Good or bad traction does not deter his determination to make make good music for his fans.


The Vicky Pon dis track has easy lyrics thus the ease in delivery by the ‘Chaguo langu ‘ hit maker. He starts of by telling us how this girl is his new addiction.

Gamu raibu wa sigara,Wacha mtihani ata ukitaka siwezi

Girl you gaa me crazy for your love,Nafsi na moyo lakuozana till late

I will let you drive me crazy, Girl you gaa me crazy for your love baby….his lyrics read in part.

If for anything Otile’s choice of vixens is always good.

Another thing that stands out in the video is the dance by a whole girls dance group.Their choreography is just good for  the song’s tempo.

The up beat tune just gives you a reason to dance.

On the other hand the visuals for this jam are well done, though I don’t understand the need to shoot in that location.

For a love song I believe it need good color to create a beautiful mood just like the people in it. That is the only flip side for me.

The video was shot and directed by Deska Torres and they did a good job.

For now we keep jamming to this amazing jam as we anticipate for the next love song.

For rating I will go for 8/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

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