Otile Brown played himself with his recent social media outburst

Otile Brown is fuming! He’s big mad! The crooner is beside himself with anger because his name was recently mentioned in connection to a woman who claims he had slid into her DMs and was propositioning her for sex.

Why Otile Brown is hitting back at his trolls with possible lawsuit

While for the rest of us this was just a hilarious interlude to an otherwise drab and dreary week, for Otile Brown this was a slight he could not live down. He wasn’t about to let this insult slide and be somebody’s puta.

otile brown
RnB artist, Otile Brown

And so Otile Brown drafted and posted a message warning the lady in question of legal action he intended to institute against her. And he was fuming enough to post a statement in proper English…

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But that was simply put, a dumb decision. Bwana Brown played himself with that post. Absolutely no one cared about the post that had been shared but with Otile Brown’s overreaction, now we are paying attention.

otile brown
Jacob Obunga popularly Otile Brown

You see, sometimes in life, the smart play is to ignore a slight and keep it moving like Donkey Kong. Instead the crooner is having a conniption and it has painted him in a horrible light. Perhaps he felt he had to take such drastic measures because he is in a supposedly monogamous long-distance relationship with Nabayet.

“Lightskin nigga you’re not scary,” Otile Brown’s ex side chick brutally claps back day after threatening her with lawsuit

Whatever the case may be, the thing about this entire affair is that it would serve him better to poke fun at the allegations. Besides that, there is nothing wrong with shooting your shot. You don’t owe anyone anything outside of courtesy and at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with approaching and hitting on a lady you want.

otile brown
Kenyan singer, Otile Brown

Perhaps even Otile could have put out a song about constantly being linked to women yet it is they who want him. But no, instead, he allowed his emotions to run wild and even in the lady’s rebuttal, she took aim at this fact and mocked him for being a sensitive light skin ninja.

And now that is the go-to insult for anyone who wants to rile up Otile Brown and get his goat. All you have to do is mock him for having a light complexion and play up the stereotype about light-skinned men being sensitive.


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