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Otile Brown Re-Kindling His Love With His Ex Is A Red Flag

January 04, 2023 at 16:45
Otile Brown Re-Kindling His Love With His Ex Is A Red Flag

Award-winning singer Otile Brown is on the verge of reconciling with his Ethiopian ex-girlfriend Nabby after they broke up years ago. The musician recently posted a video of himself heading to Ethiopia; which is the place that his ex resides.

Ever since their break-up. Otile has remained single & there’s been no sign of the singer being interested in dating again.

In 2021, Otile has shared a beautiful photo of his ex-lover while wishing her a happy birthday. His message insinuated that he was still in love with her. He described her as ‘the most beautiful and amazing soul he knows.

”Happiest birthday to the most beautiful and amazing soul I know @nabbi__ more life wins, and happiness,” he wrote.

He once claimed his biggest challenge while wanting to date is knowing whether a woman is genuine or not.

Otile advised other people in the industry to find love when they are still struggling.

Otile Brown pours out his heart to Vera Sidika after their dramatic breakup

Never Revert To Your Ex

Otile has had several options; considering his impeccable celebrity status. He once dated voluptuous socialite Vera Sidika. But it seems like the singer is making-up with Nabby, something which he shouldn’t do. It’s pretty obvious that what led to their break-up might manifest itself once again.



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