Otile Brown reveals the last words his mum said before she died

Image: Otile Brown

Losing a mother at a young age must be devastating but since death is something no human power can control, we just have to face it and let life move on.

There are a few celebrities in our midst who lost their parents at a young age but looking at them no one understands the struggles they went through to get where they are now.

However, for one Otile Brown has opened up about his mama who passed on when he was 14 years. Through a post he shared on his Instagram page, the singer revealed that his mother had so much confidence in him to a point where she blessed him moments before she took her last breathe. He wrote to say,

When I was 14,a day before my mama passed on , She looked into my eyes and said “I am not worried about you,you will be ok.”She had so much confidence in me that I just had to believe in myself even more.We will always celebrate you mommy .R.I.P Totoo. #feelingemotional #wcw #justemotionstakingmeover #missyoumommy #confidenceiskey

Now he is among the top artistes in the country doing well in their musical career and judging from his moves, Otile is destined to go far. He might not show how much he suffered in the past but one thing is for sure…his mothers words are truly coming to pass.

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