After Otile Brown walked out on Dreamland Music, Dr Eddie signs another promising artist with amazing vocals and ‘turnt’ up swag!

The Dreamland Music Entertainment Company is synonymous with churning out great tunes. From the times of ‘Kapungala’, ‘Kiriro,’ ‘Emmanueli’ and many award winning songs, this label has never disappointed. Under the shepherd of Edward Omondi also known as Dr. Eddie, the label has experienced tremendous growth branching out into video production and corporate business among other businesses.

As a commitment to take the Kenyan music industry to the next level, the label has re-branded and created two departments namely operations (management) and business development (corporate)
The Dreamland Empire has hence signed SKYLAR CHALE who is a singer, songwriter and a dancer and plans to release his first single any time soon.

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Skylar is a Singer, songwriter and a maverick in the contemporary music world. He defies any easy pigeonhole. By turns, he picks a mountain banjo to accompany an ancient music, sings a witty song about modern life and love, plays a sweet Irish melody on guitar, swings a hot jazz number, and then reaches deep for a soulful expression of values in a love world. He tops it all with a fiddle tune — all skillfully blended into a seamless flow. One fan has already said “Its music from the heart that hits you right between the eyes.”

A mainstay on the contemporary music circuit these past 25 years, CLINTON MURIUKI aka Skylar has shown the signs to rule the airwaves. Born around the hilly region of Meru, the artiste has mastered the art of song writing, dances with amazing vocals to crown it all. Many who have listened to him admit that his music is mature and he can easily be a legend in Africa and the world at large.

According to Eddie, Skylar just happened. He just walked into the studio and met Dr. Eddie who helped to nurture and develop his talent for three years straight. Since then, they have been recording music and the first single will be released any time soon. The song is categorized as RnB with a feel of Bongo and a coastal touch. Produced by the award winning Producer Dr.Eddie himself.

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