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Otile Brown’s ‘Love’ letter to Sanaipei Tande turns heads

March 23, 2020 at 11:57
Otile Brown's 'Love' letter to Sanaipei Tande turns heads

The chemistry between Otile Brown and female songbird, Sanaipei Tande is a hard one to crack.

The secular music couple went viral with their ‘Chaguo la moyo’ romantic track back in 2018. Early February this year, the two worked on the ‘Aiyana’ jam together and it was a hot flame.

It comes out that the duo shares more than just being secular artistes, hopeless romantics and even a music pair. It turns out the two share a similar birth date.

Secular music ‘duo’, Sanaipei Tande and Otile Brown

Sunday, the 22nd of March, Otile Brown wished himself a lovely birthday before the curvy lass dropped a bomb.

Otile wrote:

It’s OB day .. Happy birthday to me . Lord I’m grateful 🙏 not a birthday person but wouldn’t do much even if i wanted to coz of RONA 😞

Then Sanaipei beautifully came in:

Ewe! Kumbe yours is a day before mine?!! 😂 Happy birthday!

Sanaipei Tande

Otile was more than impressed attesting:

@sanaipeitande no wonder 😊

This cracked the beauty’s ribs, responding:

@otilebrown 🤣🤣 ushaanza!! Enjoy!

That was a moment before Otile single-handedly shared a photo of the Swahili songbird and with a long ‘love’ letter, blatantly expressed:

Heshima yako totoz , Yo! Didn’t know we share birthdays, no wonder we make good music together and the chemistry is always on point.. you’ll always be my fav female artist .

Further declaring war on Kenyans:

Thank you for two legendary tunes 🙏 more to come .. if they can’t get tired of good music then they’ll never get tired of us .. Happiest birthday . Wishing you good health , blessings on your hustles and more life . Love u ❤️

Comment section

Fans were dazzled by the move from Otile, admitting:

robbie_king96 Ufisi detected 😂😂😂🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪


richdolittle Otile you must do something with this chick…mnashare many things in common joh…Karing ikam thru joh😂😂😂👏👏👏



coinsboymutura @richdolittle yo man! He have already “done”,,kwani ujaona amepoint out “Chemistry” in between inakuaga successful ?🙄😋🤗
nabella__21 Ahhh at least wait a minute while we get emotional on Nabi’s post before you post another woman 🤮
ramzymwakasha How I love sanaipei😍😍😍😍
ramzymwakasha @_african_puppet_ old bt beautiful. I watch vashita everyday just to see her..
justusmerlin5 Make her yours coz huyu ndo hata stick na ww…ur bloods seems to be same..❤️❤️

@justusmerlin5 usimchoche aki acha tu wakue business partners

justusmerlin5 @essymutesh mbona na ni natural connection…we huona vile kwa vida wana rhyme aki…they are so perfect for each other
vicmassluodollar Toto si toto 😍
itongwa_mb Chaguo la moyo ❤️❤️
malihas514 Both of you never disappoint.thanks and Happy birthday to her
patrobagift @justusmerlin5 Nabayet my vote still,that girl believes in ob like heaven



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