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Otile Brown’s punyeto confession: Never accept long distance relationships

June 18, 2020 at 09:17

Otile Brown has released a new album, bought a new luxury BMW sedan and by all accounts, he is riding high but for one major issue: he is forced to masturbate by his relationship circumstances.

Otile Brown admits to self-pleasuring himself, Nabayet sweetly responds

Yup, you read that right. Otile Brown recently revealed that in an effort to remain faithful to his Australia based lass, Nabayet, he has taken to masturbating.

otile brown

While this might seem like a good idea, it is actually a huge problem that could eventually cause the demise of their relationship even if she does return and the pair get married. Having said that, I am sure you are wondering how this decision by title Brown and Nabayet to keep their relationship alive through fidelity is going to spell doom for that very relationship and I am here to tell you.

Otile Brown shares important tip that helped build his long distance relationship

For starters, this solution could very likely see Otile form an addiction to masturbation. Actually, this is the only danger. It is what happens should he develop a masturbation addiction that would ruin Otile Brown’s relationship.

otile brown

You see, were Otile Brown to develop an addiction to his relief method, he would quickly become desensitized to the pleasures of being with a woman. This would quickly cause problems for Nabayet who would be unable to satisfy her man.

Why Otile Brown is enough proof that gentlemen still exist!

Another issue that would come about is the fact that the act of wanking robs men of their drive to succeed. The truth of this is seen in the fact that men push themselves to excel in order to gain access to sex. When this need is muted, men lose their drive to excel.

otile brown

Otile Brown could develop a dependency on pornography to fuel his masturbation. This causes problems for relationships because it robs men of realistic expectations of sex.

How Vera Sidika sacrificed Otile Brown´s relationship with Nabayet (Video)

Also, at the end of the day, one has to ask themself whether they are willing to put an almost obscene amount of trust in the only muscle in the body that enjoys being exercised. Wouldn’t you rather call it a day and see whether you two can get back together with each other once you’re on the same landmass, continent or even country?

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