Ouch! Sarah Kabu responds to Ben 10’s offering Love&Affection in her DM

Sarah Kabu is currently working on her peaceful separation with hubby, Simon Kabu – which means she’s single or about to become a single woman.

Not what we expected after years of portraying what a perfect looks like, but now that we know it wasn’t – it’s only fair to say not all that glitters is gold. We gerrit now.

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Sarah with Simon Kabu

Anyway with news of her separation confirmed during an interview with Christina Lewis The Voice Of East Africa, there are a few men shooting their shot at Sarah hoping to replace Mr Simon Kabu.

The Bonfire adventures CEO mentioned this during her interview, as she laughed off at how young men are throwing themselves at her in the DM.

Not gonna happen

However unlike your usual mama wa Harrier babes, Sarah Kabu is the type that lowers herself to raising other women’s sons. According to her, it wouldn’t make sense giving a man-boy pocket money just because she needs love.

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Ms Sarah Kabu

Actually from what she said is that her late mum raised her not to depend on a man but on her hard earned money; and looking back – this advice helped shape the woman she is today.

My inbox is flooding and I’m like OMG! Why would I start raising a grown man, by giving him pocket money and my card to use? I thank God my mum didn’t raise me to rely on a man…she taught me how to work hard

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