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“Our mummy was senile when she left this earth” Njambi Koikai narrates painful death of the woman who raised her

August 02, 2018 at 08:12
"Our mummy was senile when she left this earth" Njambi Koikai narrates painful death of the woman who raised her

Njambi Koikai lost her grandmother whom she used to refer to as “mum” because she was the one who raised her. Njambi’s grandma died sometimes in March 2016.

Njambi’s grandmother succumbed to pancreatic cancer, the radio presenter had  just been discharged from surgery only to go home and find out that the cancer had spread to her granny’s brain.

“I lost my grandma to pancreatic cancer in 2016. I had just been discharged from surgery and i remember going home in stitches and found out that the cancer had spread to her brain. Our mummy was senile when she left this earth. The most devastating day of my life. In the midst of everything we have gone through as a family, we are all grieving. Most of my friends had met mummy. She raised all of us and mum was our big sister.The late Achieng Abura once shared about the tragedy that hit their family and how it changed and divided them. My grandma was a martriach. She was our glue and when she left we were all left to wonder how and who will be the glue,” wrote Njambi in part.

Njambi Koikai's grandmother

Njambi Koikai’s grandmother

Fight for my mum and sister

Njambi says she is strong in her fight against endometriosis because she knows her grandma is proud of how she has fought a disease that she saw ravage her even as she was dying.  She is also fighting for her mother and sister because she wants to see them happy.

I think my mum is the strongest woman on earth. Her mother had pancreatic cancer stage 4 while i was in hospital undergoing surgeries for a condition we knew nothing about. She’s had to take care of us and take care of herself. I write in tears and i tell God whatever it is, i will fight for my mum and my sister. I will finish strong because i need them to be happy and smile. I want to give my mom and my sis the best. I will finish strong because i know my grandma is proud of how I’ve fought a disease that she saw ravage me even as she was dying. We miss mummy dearly. Every single day. To all the people who’ve had to deal with grief, understand this. It just doesn’t go away and no amount of words can ever console or comfort grief but time.
I’m finishing strong. I’m fighting every day. Thank you for standing with this girl Jahmby Koikai. Thank you for your support. Kindly help me finish strong to raise Kshs 3.4 million to cover the hospital bill and therapy costs.
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Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
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