Owago Receives the Body of the Late Ibrahim Kahenya at the Airport

Ibrahim Kahenya, the man killed last month in Dubai in mysterious circumstances has finally been flown back into the country. It appears comedian Owago was part of the caravan that brought him home as he posted this on his Instagram:


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On Saturday, February 26, Kenyans woke up to the news that Ibrahim Kahenya Macharia had been viciously stabbed and killed in Dubai. Kahenya was brutally stabbed and left for dead in Dubai by people he knew. Videos of his last moments went viral on social media, causing an uproar as members of the public demanded that the perpetrators are brought to book. “They chose to record the incident then fled the scene. By the time the emergency services arrived, it was too late to save him,” his sister said. Kahenya was hailed as “a bright spark in the world” who not only touched the lives of many but was also the one who would protect anyone. “Sadly, no one was there to protect or help him when he needed help the most,” his sister continued, adding that his demise left them shocked, sad, annoyed and frustrated. The death means that a mother has lost a son, a sister and a brother. Two children have also been left orphaned. 


Love Triangle

Preliminary reports indicate that Kahenya died in what is seemingly a suspected love triangle, but investigations are still ongoing to ascertain the truth. A chilling video from the scene showed blood spattered on the walls and floor where it all happened, with the disturbing clip showing him breathing his last as the perpetrators fled. “We hope to create awareness in Ibrahims memory on the dangers of knife violence,” his sister concluded. 

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