Papa Shirandula unveils new cross-dresser in town to rival KTN’s Shaniqwa (Photos)

Shaniqwa will no longer enjoy the monopoly of being the only cross-dresser that people talk about, he has a rival who also looks fabulous donning women’s clothes.

Shaniqwa first caught the attention of the country slaying in ladies’ clothes on KTN’s ‘Jameni’ TV show. Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula has also unveiled its own cross-dresser.


Joseph Wachira Nyokabi also known as Zaitun by his stage name is the newest cross-dresser in town who is giving Shaniqwa a run for his money.

Joseph Wachira Nyokabi alias Zaitun

Zaitun looks like a real lady in a portrait photo, he has a feminine face which is an added advantage considering he’s playing the role of a woman on Papa Shirandula.

Awinja with J Zaitun

His legs however tell a different story altogether, they are muscular resembling those of Kenya’s long-distance runners – zimekauka mbaya.

Kawira and Zaitun

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