Pascal Tokodi & Grace Ekirapa Celebrate Their Daughter Jasmine’s 19th Month

Kenyan actor Pascal Tokodi and his wife Grace Ekirapa are overflowing with love and gratitude as their daughter, Jasmine Ariah Lenguro Tokodi, turns 19 months old. Grace Ekirapa, a TV host and the epitome of a proud mother, took to Instagram to express the profound joy and immense appreciation she holds for the gift of motherhood and the unwavering love she has for her precious toddler.

In a heartfelt message filled with adoration, Ekirapa penned, “My baby, I can’t even fathom how my life was without you. Today, you officially mark 19 months of gracing this world. You have blossomed into a beautiful soul right before my eyes. I have witnessed every milestone you have conquered, and I am filled with awe that such an all-powerful and magnificent God would entrust me with the responsibility of stewarding this perfect gift that I did nothing to deserve.”

Despite not being Jasmine’s actual birthday, Ekirapa described each day as a celebration of her daughter’s growth and the immense joy she brings into their lives. “I have watched you blossom in the favor of God and man, and being your mother has brought so much joy to my life. Although today is not your birthday, it sure feels like it every day because I get to know you better every day, and I get to see God reflected in you every single day,” she added.

Ekirapa also delved into the meaning behind her daughter’s beautiful name, explaining that Jasmine, meaning “Gift of God,” and Ariah, meaning “Melody,” perfectly capture the essence of her precious daughter. “As your name Jasmine (Gift of God) and Ariah (Melody), you truly embody God’s gift to me, and you fill my heart with the most beautiful melodies,” she expressed with heartfelt emotion.

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa’s love for their daughter Jasmine radiates through their words and actions. Their celebration of her 19th month serves as a testament to the unbreakable bond between parent and child. As Jasmine continues to flourish, her parents will undoubtedly cherish every moment and nurture her every step of the way.

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