Patricia after being labeled a lesbian: Some men find it threatening to see successful women supportive of each other

Image: Patricia Kihoro with friends

Homeboyz Radio presenter Patricia Kihoro has no idea how social media was made to believe she’s a lesbian. In fact, she has never met some of the people she was accused of sleeping with in the dis-heartening rumour.

“When I first read about the rumour, I didn’t think there was a lot of detail to it. However, that notwithstanding, it was unfortunate when people started believing the rumour. That was really unfortunate,” she said in an interview with SDE. 

Ess, Kihoro and Susan Wong

The rumor claimed that Kihoro was having a fling with fashion blogger This is Ess and Singer Fena Gitu. She doesn’t know who started it or what the intentions behind it were.

“But I think there are people, some men, who find it threatening to see young, successful, women, who are supportive of each other, and who continue to rise. I’ve never met some of these people, I’ve never been in a room with them, and for them to go out and create such false narratives is disappointing to say the least,” she said. 

Family not affected

She also went on to add that her family was not affected by the nasty rumor because they know the kind of person she is. Her dad, however, called just to confirm what he was hearing.

“My family, bless them, they know me for who I am. I was never worried about them or my closest friends, because I knew they would completely dismiss such falsehoods. Although my dad did reach out to me when someone from Tanzania sent him a link to the story,” she said.

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