Patricia Kihoro plans to hit a year without lungula months after Kenyans claimed she’s a lesbian 

After Kenyans accused her of being a lesbian and having a threesome with blogger This is Ess and rapper Fena Gitu, Homeboyz radio presenter Patricia Kihoro won’t be having any bedroom actions soon. Definitely not with a woman first and foremost.

Speaking in an interview, the presenter cum actress said that she plans to hit a year without having sex to focus all her energy on herself and finding herself again.

“I decided I won’t date this year, I plan to be celibate. I just want this year to be about me, to find myself again, to understand what I’m about, and to travel. I really want to travel. This is my year of saying say yes to all things travel.” she said.

Patricia Kihoro
Patricia Kihoro

Bad relationship

A series of bad relationships might be the key reason the presenter is taking some time off. Things haven’t been so good lately for her.

“My last relationship did quite a number on me. It was deep, and beautiful, and almost everything I’d wanted a relationship to be, and when it ended, I was devastated, even though I had seen the end coming in some ways. He was 29 years old, which meant younger than me, but that wasn’t really the issue, because age really is just a number. Sometimes people go through stuff when they are at that age, and then he was going through other things on top of that as well, so he just told me we needed to break it off, in order for him to get himself together. It was hard, but I respected the decision.” She revealed.

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