Peace At Last! Willy Paul And The Murayas Meet Up To Settle Their Differences

Willy Paul’s predicaments might have finally been put to rest. After several days of complaints from Pozee about being blocked on Instagram by Size 8, the singer has finally met her to settle the issue.

NITAKUFINYA! DJ Mo Warns Willy Paul Over Message To Size 8

Willy Paul Vs Murayas

Size 8 blocked Willy Paul on Instagram 4 years ago. She however, did not state the reason as to why Pozee deserved it. Willy Paul wrote a couple of times, threatening and pleading Size 8 at the same time;

”My sister Size 8, my eyes are closed in this photo. If I open them nijipate haujani unblock nitajua kweli haupendi Mungu. The word of God says, forgive na pia usi judge. Right now my life iko in danger naeza FINYWA anytime just because I spoke my mind. Mungu nisaidie wewe ndiye MFINYANZI wa kweli na wengine ni kasheshe tu Baba…”

Size 8’s hubby, DJ Mo was not pleased with Willy Paul calling out her wife; and could be seen on the comment section warning Willy Paul


Let There Be Peace

However, the three have met and Willy Paul claims to have recorded their meeting. He wrote on his Instagram saying;

”Good morning fam, some good news today. We finally met with size 8 and @djmokenya
I secretly recorded the meeting.
In my next post I’ll let you know how it all went.”

Let’s hope the meeting was a successful one.

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