These are the people who want to kill Shebesh before the Nairobi primaries are announced

The incumbent Nairobi Women Rep Rachael Shebesh life is in danger or at least she alleges so.

In a statement to the media yesterday, 27th April 2017 she alleged her political rivals whom she didn’t want to name were keen on seeing her winning the election in a coffin and she had prior information that the plot to assassinate her had been plotted a day earlier.

“Yesterday 25th April my opponents had made arrangements to ensure I am declared winner of the Jubilee race for woman rep in a coffin. I do not know the genesis of the hatred by these women. Instead of resorting to such ploys against me, the women should ask in a nice way to e voted in. I have told them severally to sell their manifesto so that they can triumph  in the jubilee primaries. I warned them, more than often, against selling an anti-Shebesh agenda. Shebesh is sure of her votes, her votes cannot elude her”  She said.

She made the announcement while casting their vote at Mahiga primary school in Roysambu.

The tallying of the Nairobi primaries is still in play and we’re waiting to see if Shebesh will clinch the elections.


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