Personal responsibility: Pastor Elizabeth Githinji took herself to die in Dishon Mirugi’s house

The story surrounding the late Pastor Elizabeth Githinji and Dishon Mirugi is one filled with passion but it is a rather simple one. But before you start any din and cry about victim blaming, we have to agree to use our mental faculties!  You have to commit to using your head as more than a roundabout for your blood or a saliva dispenser. Use your BURUWEIN!

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Now that that’s out of the way, we have to question what lessons if any can be gleaned from the tragedy of the late pastor who died under (not so) mysterious circumstances. Because as a youngin with a sister, I wouldn’t want her to be in a similar situation.

And make no mistake about it, Pstr Elizabeth Githinji’s position and demise were avoidable. I make this assertion after learning that on no less than 2 occasions, she had reported Dishon Mirugi for making threats against her person. That’s right, it was discovered she had 2 OB slips because she had reported the gospel singer for threats against her life.

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Add to this the fact it is now reported she had sent her sister a text warning that the guy had once again threatened her and we have to wonder why in the hell she went to go see this same man in his house.

Crime scene photos of the wardrobe Dishon claims his ex-lover hang herself from

I get it, love makes us do strange things. I get it, some of you are so predisposed to emotions that your impulse control gets deleted once the topic of love is broached but come on! Dishon Mirugi had threatened to kill her. There is no reason she should have gone over to his house and done so alone. I have a mentor who often tells me to believe people when they show me who they truly are. It’s something about, “watch what they do, not what they say” but I am sure that doesn’t involve criminal threats.

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We are now at the point of the story where the moral resides. And the moral of this story is that we need to take personal responsibility for our actions and safety. Do not pass by a place called “Kona Mbaya” and wonder where others were when you were being mugged. Life is filled with random occurrences, some serendipitous, others unfortunate.

Crime scene photos of the wardrobe Dishon claims his ex-lover hang herself from

Remember that you need to do what you can to keep yourself safe. Dishon Mirugi and Pastor Elizabeth Githinji woke up in the morning and prayed to the same God. One for safety, the other might have prayed for the strength to commit a heinous crime. Investigations will shed a light on whether or not that is true. Remember, innocent until proven guilty but that won’t give the deceased any peace.

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