Phil Karanja and Kate Actrress blast Milele FM host

Image: Phil Karanja and Kate actress

Ankali Ray, the fearless, courageous, and brave presenter of Milele FM, spoke with Phil Karanja and Kate Actress this week about their separation.

Prior to asking the awkward questions, Ankali expressed sympathy for the former Tahidi High actor during their interview.

“Naongea na nani?”

The radio host’s response, however, did not satisfy Phil, who went on to inquire whether it was appropriate for him to call at that time.

“Hii ni muda ya kupigia mtu?”

To which Ankali Ray responded saying,

“I was just calling to give my apologies,”

In response Phil hung up.

Ankali, however, is a persistent person, so he made the decision to phone Kate Actress and try again to express his sympathy for her.

But as soon as the radio host began speaking, Kate abruptly ended the call, much like Phil before her. But do you believe Ankali was let down by her answer?

Ankali simply shrugged it off, adding that he would continue to work to uncover the truth in the future, similar to how he had previously handled Phil.

The ex-couple has remained silent about the circumstances of their breakup, despite numerous media outlets attempting to break the story.


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However, it appears that despite having every right to do so, Kate and Phil have chosen to keep quiet and refuse to say what exactly led to the breakdown of their lovely marriage.

But only lately did Kate have to address a wild rumor that was going around the internet about her firstborn son.

According to a blogger on Wednesday, Kate’s son decided to stay with Phil after learning that his mother had broken up with him so she could stay with the girl.

The claims made on X were met with Kate’s remark, “This is nonsense!”

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