Phoina’s betrayal leaves Anerlisa Muigai broken (Photos)

Anerlisa Muigai is for sure having a serious nervous breakdown and we can confirm this through the two posts she shared earlier this morning talking about sister’s death.

Anerlisa breaks down

This is the first time we have see Aner get so emotional and truth be told; I think it’s the ‘betrayal’ she got from a close friend that has left the Keroche heiress triggered and broken all at the same time.

Aner on social media rant

Earlier today Ms Muigai went on to share two angry posts where she mentioned that her sister was brutally murdered. And I bet the part that hurts the most is that the person Anerlisa accuses of the murder; was seen hanging out with one of her close friends.

Too much bitterness bottled up

However, truth is that Anerlisa seems to have too much going on with her life; and due to the social media pressure – she has been faking the happy lifestyle when in reality Anerlisa a mess – on the inside.

Losing her sister hit her hard and husband Ben Pol walking out also added injury to the insult; and now betray? Clearly Anerlisa needs physiatrist to talk to and not social media rants.

Phoina with Omari Lali

Anyway below are a few posts by Anerlisa that prove Phoina is was her last trigger to mental breakdown;

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