Photo of Tedd Josiah’s youthful looking mum that proves she is aging like fine wine

Veteran Kenyan music producer, Tedd Josiah is not turning any younger. In fact, he is 50 years of age as of 2020 but if you think he is too young for his age, then you’ve not met his biological mom yet.

The self-proclaimed man-mom and forthright personality, after years of parading his all-grown daughter and wife, Regina Katar online, finally decided to officially introduce the beautiful woman behind all the generations that grace his timeline today.

In the end the right people will always gravitate towards you – Tedd Josiah

Taking to the gram, Tedd recalled how his mom gave birth to him, her first child while still in her teen years. Forced to become a mom at her young age but she never despaired.

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Growing up in the hands of such a loving woman, Tedd was taught how a woman should be loved and how a woman should love. It is through her, that he learnt to walk, talk and love and today, can run a thriving business on his own because of one person- his rock of a mother.

Joka Jok CEO, Tedd Josiah

She might have been young then, but looking back and looking at what her son has grown into today, mama Tedd smiles from the deepest part of her being, as her producer of a son celebrates his 50th year on earth.

However, it is not the words, the love, the past or the story that grabbed attention, it is the graceful woman in the photo, the lady Tedd Josiah proudly calls his mom, the first mama bear who blessed generations.

Collage of Tedd Josiah´s late wife, Regina Katar and their daughter, Jay

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A quick glance at the new photo and you might mistake her for Tedd’s younger sister. In fact, Tedd looks much older, with his heavy built body and gray-haired beard. Have a look;

Tedd Josiah introduces youthful-looking mom to fans

Fans on the comment section were left jaws dropped at the sight of the youthful-looking mother, who has managed to stay fit and age like fine wine even as her son turns 50.

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