Photo of the newborn Mama Diamond Platnumz Ben 10 sired with his side chick

Mama Dangote’s husband aka Ben 10 is the latest dad in town.

Word has it that his side chick, Shariffa, welcomed their first child together a few weeks ago; and according to Mange Kimambi the baby mama is a no joke zone!

Diamond Platnumz mum and her team are said to have tried keeping the news about the newborn on low but things did not work out as planned.

During a recent interview with Maimartha a Tanzanian journalist, mama Dangote revealed that she cared less about her man having another woman on the side. She went on to add that unlike the hidden side chick role; her relationship with Rally Jones is open for the world to see – something that the lady will never have.

Mama Dangote with lover

Baby mama trouble for mama Dangote

In a post shared by Mange Kimambi, we understand that Shariffa is a don’t care and infact is feared by Mama Dangote and her daughter, Esma.

Unlike ambitious ladies who would be after Rally Jones for child support…Shariffa Apparently comes from a very wealthy family and is quite contented with her life!

Below are just a few photos of the new baby who has now become a big threat to Mama Dangote’s marriage.

Rally Jones baby


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