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Photos: How Tanasha Donna ‘All white party’ went down

December 14, 2020 at 11:12
Photos: How Tanasha Donna ‘All white party’ went down

Socialite cum singer Tanasha Donna this past weekend held her first all white party that went down at Afro Sayari grounds.

The hyped party however did not seem to attract celebrities as expected; but popular faces like Jamal Gaddaffi, The Bahati’s, Phoina Tosha, Barack Jaccuzi among others availed themselves to show support for Tanasha Donna.

Close friends and family were also present judging from the photos shared by singer Tanasha Donna. Although we really don’t know what the moral of the white party was; all Tanasha wrote on her page was;

Tanasha grooving at her all white party

Dec 11th! It’s going down heavy at @afrosayari_grounds with my crew! Will be performing, so make sure you come through cause I will have a surprise guest with me from out of the country… Can you guess who? 🤔🌟🌍

Photos from the event

For a first timer, I guess Tanasha Donna outdid most of the OG’s who have been holding white parties for the past few years.

The young mum also brought down the event with her cool sense of style; and looking at how amazing she looked – let’s just say Diamaond Platnumz lost a fashion kills! Below are a few photos from the lit event that went down this past weekend.


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