Pierra Makena: “Having this baby was the best decision I ever made!”

Raising a baby alone is one of the toughest challenges mums face. However, things have not been so hard on Pierra Makena as she appreciates the fact that she has managed to pull through since welcoming her baby girl.

For those who don’t know, Pierra Makena broke up with her baby daddy a few weeks after learning she was expecting. This is after the unknown fella confessed that he was actually engaged to be married.

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She then decided to have the baby alone despite knowing that her baby daddy was with another woman. Her mum on the other hand encouraged her not to keep the baby away from her dad but despite all this, Pierra a while back revealed that he once bounced to show up after they had agreed to meet and talk.

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Well, the months have since flown and the baby girl is growing into a fine young lady. In a new post shared by Pierra Makena, she says that having her has changed her entire life. They are not only bonding as mother and daughter but as future best friends. She wrote saying;

“My baby is all grown. We can comfortably snap a selfie without drama. Having this baby was the best decision I ever made…she has changed me and made me a woman I have always wanted to be. Never thought I’d make it as a single mom…but Hey…Look at me now (Chris Brown voice & dance) #PRINCESSRICCA #misspokot #pierrajnr 100% ME…..my genes. #BEYOU”

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