Pierra Makena blasts her baby daddy

Image: DJ Pierra Makena

DJ Pierra Makena, a celebrated female DJ and actress, has recently spoken out about her baby daddy’s absence in their daughter’s life. She has moved on and does not wish to force any man to be part of their child’s life if they are not inclined to do so.

“I have forgotten about him; that means he is not in the life of my child. I would rather push a cart than beg a man to love his own flesh and blood,” she said.

She is currently single but is looking for someone to marry. She wants to find someone she connects with well and believes in marriage for life.

DJ Pierra Makena has successfully kept her personal relationships out of the public eye. The mother of one has been linked to several notable public figures, but the identity of her daughter’s father remains a closely guarded secret.

During her daughter’s fourth birthday celebration, Pierra Makena commented on the role of fathers in parenting, emphasizing how some women may initially feel anxious about raising children without their fathers, only to discover their own capability.

I admire DJ Pierra Makena’s strength and independence. She is a role model for many single mothers. She is showing the world that it is possible to raise a happy and healthy child without a father.

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