Pierra Makena Finally Told The Truth About Being A Single Mum

Image: Pierra Makena back and better

Pierra Makena recently spoke about being a single mother in a rather candid interview and spoiler alert: it’s hard! I mean, who would have thought that all the psychologists, sociologists and other behavioural scientists who have put many hours into studying the phenomena that is; single parent-led households vis a vis what’s best for the children would all be right?

“I went through h*ll” Pierra Makena opens up on struggles as a single first time mum

But make no mistake about it, this is not entirely on Pierra Makena, she did not create the child on her own but it does bear mentioning that she did, however, choose the man with whom she had her child, Ricca Pokot.

Pierra Makena with all grown up daughter

And there is a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of women when it comes to whom they choose to have a child because this is a very monumental question. And the truth is, that though there are a lot of single mother celebs who willingly perpetuate the myth that being both mother and father is possible and glamorous, it is one of the hardest jobs ever.

Pierra Makena’s alleged baby daddy finally revealed!(Photo)

Pierra Makena shared how going in, she did not know what to expect. She shared too how watching her baby daddy move on with his life was tough. What she did not mention was whether or not he is involved in their daughter’s life in a meaningful way. I think the medium is the message on that one.

Pierra Makena flaunts figure

But we need to encourage her to continue doing her best but also to keep speaking the truth on just what single motherhood entails. We do not need her to sugarcoat the reality and then help popularise a damaging social phenomenon. I also think it goes without saying that she needs to introduce some responsible men into her child’s life so young Ricca Pokot grows up knowing what a responsible man looks like.

Pierra Makena April Fools engagement gag reveals where her heart lies

The bigger issue that we are not addressing is that single mothers raise single mothers and that is something DJ Pierra Makena needs to arrest for the sake of not only her daughter but for any grandchildren she might get in future.

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