Pierra Makena: I’m ok with the way I look but my doctor says I have to drop some weight 

Pierra Makena is hitting the gym to shed off the extra weight she gained when she was pregnant with her daughter. The mother of one gained a staggering 35 kilos.

Pierra gave birth to her daughter Ricca Pokot in July 2016. She didn’t bother going to the gym for two long years after she became a mother.

“DAY 1….???? 59 to go….. It was terrible …2 years of not working out. I feel like i have sinned..lol..my trainers tell me that my body will soon relax and I’ll get the hang of it…don’t get me wrong..im ok with the way i look but my doc says i have to drop some weight …???(well he has a point),” wrote Pierra in part.

60 days 7kgs

Pierra reveals she has been tirelessly working out for the last 60 days. The mother of one says she has dropped 7 kilos since she started working out.

“After my baby..i gained 35kg…. i was 85kgs ????…i decided not to pressure myself since i was trying to figure out how to be a great mom to my LO. I believe im ready now to drop the kgs and im doing 60 days first to kick start me. So far without working out and all i have dropped 7 kgs. Im now at 78kgs,” wrote Pierra.

The sultry presenter wants to shed 18 more kilos before she can be comfortable with her weight. She is also on a strict diet beside working out.

“My target is 60kgs. So i have 18kgs to drop….??????? WISH ME LUCK.Thanks to @ultrafitness_gym you guys rock…cant wait to see the transformation….oh today my DIET…..??????? i was a mess i tried portions but by the end the day i had pork ribs??? not proud of myself..but day 2 will be better….??? #BEYOU,” said Pierra.


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