Pierra Makena on female DJ’s selling nudity and not experience

DJ Pierra Makena was always known for her curves, I mean the petite waist and broad hips kept her followers glued to her page – and I believe they still do to date. Well, apart from that she’s also known for her deejaying skills – something she truly loves and wants to fight for.

With time moving so fast – so everything changing too and I guess this is why Pierra Makena feels disappointed with the new age female deejays using their bodies to entertain their fans.

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Pierra Makena

Pierra Makena who is a mother of one recently told Eve woman that female Deejay’s no longer depend on their experience and passion for music to entertain their fans; but most have turned to nudity which they claim is art.

To prove her point, Pierra gave an example of the South African deejay who stripped naked  as part of the entertainment during an event in  December saying;

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DJ Pierra

See, many female deejays have turned this whole art into a nude thing. We even saw a female deejay in South Africa strip naked before thousands of fans.

Confusing sexy and ratchetness

Well, being one who likes to parade her body with her petite outfits, one would think this is a case of a pot calling kettle black but in her defense, Pierra explained;

Yes, I also wear hot pants and all that but I feel that female deejays are selling more nudity than an experience. This must change.

Well – problem is, these new Deejay’s are entertaining a completely different crowd – that is in terms of age and looking at this new generation – nudity might just be enough entertainment for them. No?

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