“Please give them to me” Akothee offers to adopt the two toddlers abandoned by a roadside in a sack

Singer Akothee says her life has not been the same since her children are all grown up and no longer live in her home. From what she says is that the girls are fully grown independent ladies chasing their dreams; while the boys live abroad with their dad – leaving her lonely back in her mansion.

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However this lonely situation will soon change since is currently looking to adopt a baby; but the whole process is proving to be long and tedious. She revealed this while addressing a viral story of a mother who abandoned a year old baby and a 3 year old somewhere in Migori county.

In the detailed post, Akothee wrote;

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If this children are alive, please give them to me 🙏 I am in the process of adopting a child and it’s taking forever 🙏.

Trouble conceiving her own children

Almost 4 years after she lost her twins, Akothee says conceiving has been become quite hard since her uterus can’t hold a pregnancy. This is probably because of how hyper she can get while performing on stage, or when working on her farm back in the village; I mean, she’s just too vigorous.

Anyway speaking about the abandoned kids, the singer not only offered to adopt them; but promised to change their lives for the better. And being the madam boss she is, chances are that her offer is as serious as a heart attack.

My children are all grown and don’t need my attention, kindly give me this babies and see Gods miracles 🙏.I have more than enough to share with them 🙏 most rooms and. Beds have been empty since my children left for for further studies ,and my uterus is taking too long to bring somebody 🙏 miyauru nyithindo hi asayou 🙏

Akothee tbt

Having suffered to provide for her kids back when she was married to her first baby daddy; Akothee understands the struggles mums face when it comes to their kids. And, instead of judging the mum who abandoned two babies, Akothee went on to address her saying;

 Sorry for the mother who did this ,I can’t judge you ! I have no idea what you are going through ,God be with you 💪 Please migori county tell me when to come to where the kids are 🙏


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