Police arrest woman in connection with Nairobi Hospital finance director’s murder

Police have arrested a woman in connection with the murder of Nairobi Hospital’s finance director, Erick Maigo. Cynthia Lusega Andalo, who was arraigned under a Miscellaneous application, will be detained for five days pending investigations.

According to the police, Andalo was one of the people who Maigo had sent money to. She was also among three women who had accompanied him to a newly opened club on Ngong Road.

CCTV footage showed Maigo walking out of the club with a woman suspected to be the main suspect in his murder. They then went to a club in Kilimani Road before going home around 10:15 PM. Maigo’s lifeless body was later discovered.

Both knives found at the murder scene had Andalo’s fingerprints. It is not clear whether the knives were used simultaneously or not.

Maigo was 36 years old and unmarried at the time of his death.

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