This is what politicians have been reduced to all in the name of getting votes…look at what this Embu politician did to a poor goat(photo)

The scuffle for votes is real and politicians are not playing when it comes to emerging on top in the upcoming general elections.

If it’s not showering voters with lots and lots of money, then it’s the outstanding slogans which I must admit are quite hilarious.

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Some are even orchestrating their own kidnappings only to appear a few days later and gain political mileage.

All these gimmicks however don’t come close to the gimmicks of one Embu politician who is vying for an MCA seat in one of the wards there.

In attempt to get as much out there on his bid, he has hired all the village goats and plasttered his posters on them and as they move about looking for food, they can dispel his campaign manifesto to as much people as possible.

Honestly I don’t what to call this.



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